Year: 2006

  • I’ve seen better UI design

    Toshiba is working on a new display technology that allows you to get a 360 degree view of what’s on your screen. The downside is you’ve got to strap on a 6 lbs. helmet that makes you look like a bobble-head Neil Armstrong. I think they should have kept this one under wraps before releasing […]

  • If Doritos are your thing. . .

    If beaming messages of Hope and Beauty are not your thing – through December 4th you can try your hand at creating the next advertisement for Doritos. Win prizes (cash and a trip to Miami for the Superbowl, having your video shown on TV during one of the coveted million dollar ad spots). More info […]

  • The Internet as a Ball of Thread

    The concept is simple. Provide an easy interface so that people from around the world can upload photos, drawings, movies, sounds, and writings to a time capsule. The inbox is open until November 8th and after that will entrusted to the Smithsonian as a snapshot of our time until it’s opened up again in 2020. […]

  • Amazon want to Pump You Up

    Fully 70 percent of the effort required to do business online involves doing the heavy lifting that supports Web-scale applications, he said. After a decade of training, Amazon got really good at pumping iron, and now you can hire its muscle to do some heavy lifting for you. – Jon Udell on Amazon’s new web […]

  • Sun CEO thinks the internet provides broader distribution than traditional media

    The reaction to this will be interesting. This ( website is a tremendous vehicle for the broad delivery of timely and robust information about our company. It is our view that proprietary news outlets are insufficiently accessible to the broad majority of Internet users and individual shareholders. It is certainly the case that the Internet […]

  • “We can’t control the puppets”

    “We can’t control the puppets”

    Yahoo Hack Day 2006

  • Tyler gives his first speech

    Tyler has been writing stories for class assignments and his story was picked as something to read in front of the school at their last weekly assembly. The class went to the Taiko Drum Show. I almost cried because it reminded me of Japan. I was born in Japan. There were two Japanese people in […]

  • Putting out fires with a 747 Supertanker

    Flying down to Burbank this morning I could see the smoke from the massive forest fire that has been raging in the hills to the North of Los Angeles since Labor Day. I heard that they beat back the flames using a DC-10 reconfigured for firefighting and while looking for a photo of this jet, […]

  • Polaroid-o-nizer – creating an online version of a classic offline medium

    All sorts of fun this week with image manipulation. The Image-Rich Blogroll got a fair bit of play but there was some grumbling on that it was too manual. Yes, it would be good to automate this stuff I dream up – that’s a project for a rainy day. Next on the agenda of cool […]

  • Undocumented “spouse-finder” feature in Facebook

    With all the hoohah over Facebook’s mini-feed feature, one new service was exposed that I didn’t see in the documentation anywhere. Rather than setting up a simple match-making service, the folks at Facebook have pushed the envelope with their online, add-a-spouse feature. I was about to send off a hearty congratulations to my colleague when […]