And in other news this weekend

NBC pulls its content off of iTunes, thinks it can force Office fans to pay $4.99/episode from a site called Hulu.

The gamble NBCU is making is that they can still make business decisions with their content that don’t include their customers. – Terry Heaton

The talented ones will go first. Bad news for you, TV networks. You’ll be stuck with the shittiest creators, the timid ones who don’t dare cross the chasm. Your shows will get worse and worse. Your sitcoms will grow lamer, if that’s possible. Your reality shows will grow stupider. – Dan Lyons as Fake Steve Jobs

Google News starts hosting newswire stores from AP, AFP, and others. Once they start running advertising, their transformation into Yahoo News will be complete.

Well, we just saw the latest news on this front, with Google “trading for its own account” as opposed to its traditional role of handing off traffic to web sites it searches – Tim O’Reilly

The news industry may very well have lost both the battle and the war because now Google is the world’s largest searchable newspaper. – Steven Hodson 






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