Ian Kennedy makes the cover of the New York Post

So I’ve been following my doppelganger’s budding baseball career ever since he first blipped up on my Technorati feed as a hot prospect for the Yankee’s draft last Summer. I’m super-pleased to see that the young Ian pretty much aced his debut as a pitcher against the Devil Rays and has earned himself another start in the next five days or so. Out here in California we don’t get the Yankee’s games on TV so I unfortunately couldn’t see him perform but according the the write-up in the NY Post;

Kennedy allowed three runs – one earned – and five hits in seven innings and earned himself another start, Joe Torre said. Kennedy struck out six – after one, the scoreboard flashed, “Ian-Kredible” – and walked two, throwing 66 of his 96 pitches for strikes.

Not bad at all – way to uphold the name!

UPDATE: Further coverage:

This Guy Ian Kennedy was Born Ready – 23 family members and friends made the trip to NYC to see him play.

Joe Torre post-game interview – “the kid has real poise”