SkyMall Mashups

JR Conlin always does these great write-ups on items of interest that he pulls out of the SkyMall catalogs that you always find tucked into the seatback pocket on airlines. In homage to JR as well as a wink to the mashup culture of silicon valley, here’s my version of the genre.

“What would happen if you cross the mashup culture of Silicon Valley with the fanciful gadgets proferred by the fine folks at SkyMall?”

Stress Relieving Wristband Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

Stress Relieving Wristband (74140j) and the Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor (EW3039sj)

Automatically send soothing biofeedback massages whenever your blood pressure trips over a preset limit. One minute you’re arguing you’re point, the next you’re fast asleep.

Smart AC USB Travel MugThree Station Buffet

SmartAC (WGN109j), USB travel mug (ECA139j)

Keep your coffee warm while on the go. Combine with the Three Station Buffet (hlgbcs997j) and you can cook your chili beans, refried beans, and fajitas as well. Stuck in morning traffic? No problem!

Fresh SaverCat GenieSolar Powered Talking Bible

Fresh Saver bowl for cats (lor102j), Cat Genie dome with sidewalls (ptn102j), remote controlled mouse (mtc121j), laser beam cat toy (315261j), and Solar Powered Talking Bible (4110tgh)

Perfect for those long, European vacations. Take the entire Summer off and know that Spots will be taken care of. Food, Shelter, Entertainment, and even a little spiritual enlightenment will keep any family pet safe and sound when you and your family are away.

Laser Guided Pool CueGPS Tracking KeyChild Locator

Laser-Guided Pool Cue (72641j), GPS Tracking Key (tk1101j), and Child Locator (sva114j)

There’s something here, I just haven’t figured it out yet.

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