Month: August 2008

  • Trouble Tickets for City Hall – SeeClickFix

    SeeClickFix lets people assign Help Tickets to their local neighborhood. I’m not quite sure how I feel about this one. On the one hand, it’s nice to see that there’s an easy way for citizens to get involved and if we all keep our eyes open for things like burnt out street lamps and broken […]

  • Red One Digital Camera

    Red One Digital Camera

    You’ve heard about Red One, the swish new HD digital video camera available at the fraction of the cost of competing digital cameras. Red, founded by the guy that brought you Oakley sunglasses, will revolutionize the movie industry and threatens to replace 35mm film. Now you can see some sample footage, it’s spectacular. skate – […]

  • Garmin to provide directions to your friends

    Image via Wikipedia Congratulations to my buddy Walt Doyle! His company, publishes the Facebook app, Buddy Beacon, which you use to broadcast your physical location to your friends. They’ve got and iPhone app and, just recently, they announced a partnership with Garmin to provide an overlay to Garmin’s GPS maps so you can see where […]

  • ULTRA, the Personal Rapid Transit vehicle

    Alameda, the island I live on, is cut off from easy access to the local rapid transit system. Residents need to cross one of three bridges or a tunnel to make it to a BART station. Some people (including yours truly) ride a bicycle to the train station where they have a place to park […]

  • NBC holding Olympic videos hostage

    NBC is milking their investment in broadcasting rights for the Beijing Olympics by making anyone that wants to view their videos jump through a few hoops. Hoop Number One: Install Silverlight 2.0. This limits installation to only Windows machines or Intel-based Macs. Oh, and you have to restart your browser so you if you don’t […]

  • Golden Gate Western Wear

    We have a friend visiting from Japan and besides visiting the redwoods, she’s also on a mission for some Tony Lama cowboy boots which are all the rage in Tokyo. I found a place that carries them up in Richmond, Golden Gate Western Wear. The site speaks to you out of the backwoods. From the […]

  • Wagging your Long Tail with Just for You

    What if you could ask each reader that came to your blog what they were interested in and show them a list of posts from your archives that matched those interests? I’ve been blogging for over five years and as posts roll off the front page they fade into the archives to be mostly forgotten,. […]