Spin the Bottle 2.0

Jan Chipchase is a research anthropologist at Nokia who travels the world and studies how people interact with technology. His blog (future perfect) is a fascinating stream of one off thoughts and observations which twist your mine to look at the everyday world around us with a new sense of wonder.

In the photo above he writes about how patrons at a bar in Tokyo use a cellphone’s timer to update an age-old drinking game:

A game of spin the bottle updated for the digital age – gather a crowd, take one digital camera, turn on the flash, wind the strap taut, set the timer and let unwind – as the camera spins, whomever is snapped when the timer runs out takes a shot

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3 responses to “Spin the Bottle 2.0”

  1. Ashootosh Chand Avatar
    Ashootosh Chand

    A very nifty use of technology. Really cool ..

  2. iankennedy Avatar

    Yeah, I thought that was a nice upgrade to an old game – you get a nice collection of photos of your progressively more drunk friends at the end of the night too!

  3. dwibasukiwss Avatar

    what's a game!

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