Isotoner 2.0

I remember when Isotoner gloves were the default fallback Christmas gift when you didn’t know what an older relative wanted. Right around November it seemed like every third TV program was brought to you by Isotoner reminding you that they were the perfect stocking stuffer. Who doesn’t need a new pair of gloves? What’s not to love?

So you’ll understand why I got a chuckle from these new Isotoner “smarTouch” gloves that have conductive threads woven into the thumb and forefinger (need to allow for pinching) so you can use touchscreens outside in the cold. Let’s go to the video,

UPDATE: The Japan Times blog, JapanPulse reports on a wide variety of touch-enabled gloves made in South Korea and Japan.

UPDATE2: Burton has a decidedly hip looking pair of touchscreen gloves as well.





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