The week that was

The week that was

Monday was April Fool’s Day which is always busy day at SmartNews because even the most sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms have a hard time detecting satire. Now, onto the news that was, unbelievably, real.

Scientists published a paper that concluded that music by dubstep star Skrillex can keep mosquitoes from biting.

“By coincidence, and rather amusingly, they recognised each other in the sauna,” said the Swedish police officer after his colleague apprehended a fugitive while they were both naked.

In the Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, who plays the Ukrainian president on TV, got twice as many votes as the current leader Petro Poroshenko, and will face him in a runoff vote on April 21st.

A 64 year-old civilian man was injured last month when, during his ride with a French Air Force military jet, his ejection seat fired, sending him soaring into the sky.

Residents of a Seattle suburb are dealing with a unique problem. Majestic Bald Eagles are swooping down, picking up trash at the local dump, and raining it down on houses in the area (perhaps in protest?).

A man who just left jail was re-booked into the same prison he just left. He was booked for burglary, grand theft, and possession of stolen property. He was caught trying to steal a car from the prison parking lot.

As far as the British Passport Authority is concerned, Brexit has already happened and the UK has already left the EU. New passports issued on March 30th did not have the “European Union” label on the cover.

Elon Musk shared future plans that will help offset the costs of owning a Tesla. The auto-piloted cars will drive themselves around, picking up passengers, competing with Lyft and Uber and earning money for their owners while they sleep.

Photo credit: Reddit user O1oll

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