An outfit called BASE Hologram has put together a tour featuring Buddy Holly and Roy Orbison holograms touring with a live backup band.

A bit more DIY, a zoo in Japan held a drill for a polar bear escape and dressed a zoo employee in a bear suit the make the exercise more realistic. He really got into his role.

Tiffani Adams was exhausted and fell asleep as her short flight from Quebec to Toronto took off. Unfortunately, when she woke up, not only had everyone gotten off the plane, it was pitch dark and parked for the night with the doors locked.

Detroit artist Sheefy McFly was commissioned by the city of Detroit to beautify the city with a mural. Everything was going well until the police busted him for unauthorized graffiti.

Researchers at Cornell University have created a system of circulating liquid to “store energy and power robotic applications for sophisticated, long-duration tasks.” Basically, robot blood.

The pentagon is funding development of new technology that uses lasers to detect the unique signature of someone’s beating heart at 200 meters.

The sandwich chain Arby’s, butt of many Jon Stewart jokes, is coming out with a new meal option that looks like a carrot, tastes like a carrot, but is actually meat. The Marrot is a “turkey-based pseudo-vegetable had a sweet maple taste with earthy, herb-filled undertones.” Just call it a carrot made of meat.

It’s so hot in Spain that shit is catching on fire. Yes, you read that right.

Photo credit: Tommy Tutone