The week that was

In preparation for all-electric double-decker buses, Transport for London commissioned new sounds that will alert people when these new, much quieter, buses are approaching. Bubbling noises and intermittent bleeps were voted down as “too spaceshippy” in favor of a canned recording of the old Routemaster bus which could be heard “a mile off.”

It was so hot on the California coast that scores of mussels were cooked in their shells. For the first time ever, it hit 90 degrees in Anchorage.

Over 2.3 million gallons of bourbon caught fire at a Jim Beam warehouse in Kentucky.

Scientists took over a year to confirm data that they couldn’t believe was true. An arctic fox, tracked by GPS, walked over 3,500 kms from Norway to Canada over the North Pole in just 76 days clocking an incredible 46 kms/day on average and, on one day, traveling 155km.

Over 100 cars in Denver followed their Google Maps recommended detour around an accident and ended up stuck on a narrow dirt road that had turned to mud.

An elderly man took a cake to a local hospital as a gift for the nurses that cared for his family member. Little did he know that the cake he took was one given to his grandson by his mates and was laced with cannabis. Police reported the staff at the hospital were “off their faces” and “relaxed.”

Instagram Influencer Lori Faith had built her career on her many different hair styles and hair treatments. But she never really went viral until she live-streamed a bleach treatment and lost all her hair.

Organizers of the Straight Pride Parade (motto: “It’s great to be straight”) received unmarked letters that they suspected might be filled with something dangerous. The bomb squad was called, the letters were opened, and authorities discovered glitter and note signed “Happy Pride” in rainbow colors.

A sad commentary of the world we live in, the Chicago Tribune, serving its community with helpful information, ran a column prior to July 4th. Gunshots or fireworks? How to tell the difference






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