A rooster in France was hauled into court for crowing too loudly during the early morning hours.

An Uber pulled up to a wildlife rehabilitation center in Utah with a single passenger, a baby Lesser Goldfinch bird. Tim Crowley came across the bird when he was drinking with his friends and was too drunk to drive so he sent the bird in its own private car. No word on if it was a Black Car or Pool.

A man fleeing from the police was hidden out of view but then gave away his location when he farted, loudly.

Amazon decided not to charge a restocking fee and will refund a woman whose toddler bought a $400 couch while she was sleeping.

Toyota is working on a car with a solar roof for its electric cars so they can charge themselves while driving. On the other end of the spectrum, the Lexus division is building a 65-foot luxury motor yacht.

The last VW Beetle rolled off the production line in Mexico. Volkswagen announced that there will be no electric Bug. Only the van made the jump.

A store in Texas has deployed police to guard the ice cream from getting licked.

As if he wasn’t already in enough trouble, Elon Musk now has Pablo Escobar’s brother mad at him because he claims Elon stole his flamethrower idea.

Photo credit: Father and son lost in VR while their Tesla recharges.