Quirky stories from the week prior.

Greetings from Portland! I’m a bit late this week as I’m at a conference for online artists that doesn’t have public wifi. The talks are all so amazing so I’m kinda glad about that anyway.

Here are your offbeat tidbits from last week.

The pope got stuck in an elevator.

An Australian student pilot made an emergency landing when his instructor passed out. It was the student’s first lesson.

A man was stuck with the bill for the Hustler channel when his dog stepped on the remote and ordered the porn channel by mistake.

Boxer Manny Pacquiao launched a cryptocurrency.

Christies will be auctioning off one of Miles Davis’ trumpets.

The RIAA reports that vinyl records are outselling CDs for the first time since 1986. This is more because people are no longer buying CDs as streaming music represents 80% of the market.

I’m sure you’ve all been following the trial of that French rooster whose early morning crowing was disturbing the early morning peace. Well, the court ruled in favor of Maurice arguing that the “complaint was ridiculous because crowing roosters were part of country life.”

Photo credit: Hurricane Dorian, GOES 16 satellite