The week that was

The ACLU ran a photo of every California state legislator through a facial-recognition program that matches facial images to a database of 25,000 criminal mugshots and got positive matches on 26 lawmakers.

It rained grasshoppers in Las Vegas and plastic in the Rocky Mountains. There’s so much plastic out there it’s getting into our food, so, hey, we might as well eat grasshoppers too. (props to Frank Gruber)

A woman in Brooklyn, prompted to name her WiFi access point, looked around her kitchen for inspiration and entered, “Old Bay Seasoning.” The rest is history.

Two designers used the grotesquely twisted geographic boundaries of gerrymandered US voting districts to make a new alphabetic font.

New Yorkers gathered enough signatures to have the City Council look into renaming the stretch of 5th Avenue in front of Trump Tower to the name of his nemesis, changing the address to 725 Barack H. Obama Avenue and forever annoying the President.

In California’s Central Valley, a semi carrying 80,000 pounds of peaches slammed into a box truck carrying a load of koi goldfish. It was not pretty.

A weather station in the Arctic Circle recorded temperatures of 94.6 degrees Fahrenheit, smashing all previous records.

The Cult West Warriors defeated the Maple City Magic to win their fourth straight title at the World Wiffle Ball Championships in a historic, extra-innings final.

Photo credit: Reddit user: britainunwrapped






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