Quirky stories from the week prior.

A Colorado middle school made national news with their “Emergency Go Buckets” fitted with kitty litter so kids can relieve themselves while on lockdown.

Antonio Basco and Margie Reckard recently moved to El Paso and had yet to make any friends. When Margie was killed in the recent mass shooting, Antonio was worried no one would show up. Word got out and hundreds showed up.

After 25 years of faithful service, the world’s oldest, continually operated webcam shut down in San Francisco.

The Proud Boys marched into Portland (Oregon). Before they could mix it up with the anti-fascist protesters waiting for them, police diverted them back over the Hawthorne Bridge which also steered them away from the 12th annual Corgi Walk.

The Amazon jungle is on fire and Greenland mourned the death of a glacier.

In England, a woman was arrested for putting her recycling in the wrong colored garbage bag.

Luxury label Dior jumped on the reusable straw bandwagon with hand-painted, hand-blown glass straws that are “crafted to be the ultimate luxury accessory to help you make a sustainable effort.” A set of six will set you back $150.

The California city of Antioch was overrun by bunnies. “It went from seven to 10 to about 50 rabbits just all over the neighborhood. And then from there it started to not be cute anymore.”

A herd of air mattresses were last seen fleeing the across a field in Denver when a strong wind liberated them from an outdoor movie night.

Photo credit: Reddit user Smashycomman