The week that was

Never take LSD at a theme park. That is the lesson learned from this tale of a 32-year old Swiss tourist who dropped acid with his girlfriend at Disneyland Paris. After falling into the Adventureland Lake near Captain Hook’s ship and Skull Rock, this freaked-out tripper eluded a search crew of “30 firefighters, 10 divers, 10 policemen, 80 Disneyland Paris employees and a police helicopter with a thermal-imaging camera.” He was finally discovered, 24 hours later, stark naked, on a road about a mile outside the park.

A Russian naval zodiac boat was attacked, punctured and sunk by a walruses.

Biologists at CalTech discovered a new species of worm at Mono Lake that has three sexes.

A high-speed police chase almost ended in failure when the policeman’s pursuit vehicle, a Tesla, almost ran out of battery power.

The first gas station to convert entirely over to electric charging stations for EVs opened in Maryland.

A United Airlines flight from DC to SF had to make an emergency landing in Denver so ground crew could free a woman trapped in the bathroom.

A state senator from Michigan threw in the towel on funding to road repairs in his state and suggested downgrading them to gravel from asphalt.

Huey Lewis & the News released their first song in ten years and Rick Springfield finally ‘fessed up and told us who Jessie’s Girl was written about.

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