The week that was

A German company has developed the expertise to launch floating islands of solar panels. If you own 3+ acres of open water, they want to ask if you’d like to rent it out.

Defense One normally writes about new tanks or geo-political hotspots. This week they took time out for a deep-dive budgetary analysis of a Snake-and-Alligator boarder moat.For the 1,954,000-member Snake Border Guard, the optimal force laydown should mix water moccasins (for maximum water effectiveness) and brightly colored coral snakes (for maximum visual deterrence)”

You can now ask Alexa to help you get a job at McDonald’s.

A protest in London got a little out of hand when the hose they were using to spray the Treasury building with fake blood got away from them and doused the street, trees, protestors, random passers by and pretty much everything but the Treasury, instead.

Chill out Spiderman, marijuana is now legal in the Marvel Universe.

Customers at an IHoP in Asheville, NC broke into a riot when they discovered their OJ refills were not free.

In San Diego, someone is renting out their backyard shed for $1050/month. It doesn’t come with parking.

Morale is down at Uber. Due to budget cuts they no longer give out Uberversary balloons and, the ultimate insult, they stopped serving free coffee brewed by the hip Portland roaster Stumptown and now only serve – Starbucks!






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