The week that was

New analysis determined that the past 10 years are the top 10 years on record for the world’s oceans or, to put it into terms we could understand, “the amount of heat being added to the oceans is equivalent to every person on the planet running 100 microwave ovens all day and all night.”

A medical marijuana farm in Arizona literally turned the sky above into a purple haze. (queue Jimi Hendrix)

Utah Gov. Gary Herbert put the kabash on an HIV-prevention campaign that involved handing out 100,000 free condoms after negative reaction to the packaging that “did not go through necessary approval”

Not quite Utah’s style

The San Francisco Giants hired the first full time female coach in Major League Baseball history.

Louis Vuitton announced a partnership with the NBA.

Ben & Jerry’s have a partnership with Netflix – I’ll let you guess the name of the new flavor they launched.

A company called Mojo has been thinking about shrinking a video display and embedding on to your eye as a contact lens. They’ve reportedly have released their first prototype.

First it was pigeons in cowboy hats in Vegas. The mystery deepens this week as pigeons in sombreros have been spotted in Reno. Viral casino ad campaign or new ICE initiative?

Apparently there’s a killer squirrel on the loose trapping Houston residents indoors.






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