The week that was

A Japan Railways train driver sued JR West for ¥56 which was deducted from his paycheck over a one-minute delay which he is contesting. New York City’s subway on-time performance (defined as “within 5 minutes”) improved to 83.2% last month.

A Michigan woman pled guilty to attempting to hire someone to murder her husband after she was confronted with a “service request form” she filled out on The site was actually a cyber-security test site, not an e-commerce site for assassins.

Scientists have confirmed what many of us had suspected. The human brain is getting smaller.

The number of new COVID cases in Minnesota overwhelmed the state’s capacity to verify and log new data.

The flooding from torrential rains were so bad in Northwest Canada that farmers had to use jet skis to ride out to the fields and lead their cattle to safety.

A few days after the COP26 environmental summit where President Biden told world leaders that his administration is committed to slowing climate change with “action, and not words,” his Interior Department oversaw one of the largest oil and gas lease sales in American history.

Work began on America’s first major offshore wind farm. The facility, Vineyard Wind 1, is about 15 miles from Martha’s Vineyard, near Cape Cod.

A nightclub in Scotland is partnering with a geothermal energy company to harness the heat from dancers, storing it as renewable energy.

For a brief moment, the United States had its first female president when Joe Biden signed over his presidential powers to Kamala Harris before going under for his colonoscopy.

The Staples Center in Los Angeles sold its naming rights and will be called Arena starting from December 25 when the LA Lakers host the Brooklyn Nets.

A group of crypto-currency investors that raised $47 million in a failed attempt to buy a physical copy of the US Constitution will now collectively have to decide where to deploy their capital in a true test of distributed finance.

A Frida Kahlo self-portrait sold for $34.9 million, the highest price ever for a piece of Latin American art sold at an auction.

Marty McFly’s hoverboard from Back to the Future II sold for $500,000.

Tesla drivers that relied on the app to unlock their cars were left out in the cold for several hours when the app stopped responding due to network trouble.

The California State Fair will feature more than just pies and pigs this year. There will be an official cannabis category which will measure CBD, THC, and each strain’s unique terpene profiles.

Heinz and Hunt are battling it out on limited edition versions of their ketchup attempting to mimic what it would taste like if the tomatoes were grown on Mars.






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