The week that was

A Ukrainian woman told off two heavily-armed soldiers and offered them sunflower seeds to put in their pocket so at least something will grow where they die. A Ukrainian driver pulled over to chat with a stranded Russian tank crew that ran out of gas and offered to tow them back to Russia. The tank crew laughed. The Ukrainian traffic authorities are instructing citizens to remove highway signs to confuse Russian invaders. Some digital signs have been altered to read “Go Fuck Yourself!” in Russian. In cities across Russia, thousands protested Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine. A young man offered hugs outside a Moscow subway station to all who opposed the war.

In other news . . .

Howling winds cut short the men’s 50km Olympic cross-country ski race. At the finish line, Finland’s Remi Lindholm used a heat pack to thaw out his frozen penis. This is the second time this has happened to him.

The Queen of England and Biebs both came down with Covid. John Mayer caught Covid for the second time. The UK eased its health restrictions as part of a plan for “living with COVID”

The PBS children’s program Arthur is finishing its run on television after 25 seasons.

A cargo ship carrying 4,000 cars caught fire in the Atlantic off the Azores. On board and most likely beyond salvage are thousands of vehicles, including Bentleys, Audis, and Porsches. Inflated prices on new and used cars remain due to supply chain difficulties and chip shortages.

Australian ornithologists have been confounded in their study of Magpies as the birds have figured out how to help each other remove the scientist’s tracking devices.

A helmet from the Maine Department of Transportation washed up on a beach in Norway.

Remember that luxury skyscraper in San Francisco that is tilting, causing windows on million dollar condo apartments to crack? As workers rush to shore up the side of the Millennium Tower that’s sinking, they are now finding that the structure is also slipping and sliding.

Inflation has hit the tooth fairy. The average rate for a tooth under the pillow is now over five dollars.

A 500-pound black bear nicknamed “Hank the Tank” has been breaking into houses around the South Lake Tahoe area but has been spared euthanization or relocation thanks to DNA evidence pointing to multiple bears being responsible.






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