The week that was

Hackers changed the call sign of Putin’s yacht to FCKPTN and updated its destination to HELL.

A Ukrainian sailor pulled the open the valves on his Russian tycoon boss’s luxury yacht and partially sank it in protest.

A Russian company that outsourced components of its EV chargers to a Ukrainian company found their entire network remotely shut down with endlessly scrolling anti-Putin/pro-Ukranian messages on the charger status screens.

High end restaurants in Moscow were flooded with one-star reviews on Google and other sites from people using the reviews to share news from the front lines and pleas to stop the war. Google Maps is also being used as a messaging platform as Ukrainians posted photos of captured Russian soldiers and destroyed homes.

Even the Taliban have asked Russia and Ukraine to resolve their conflict peacefully.

It’s tax season around the world and the Ukrainian government wants its citizens to know that you do not need to declare captured Russian tanks or military equipment as income on your taxes.

The business world continued to cut off ties with Putin’s Russia. Luxury brands such as Prada, Gucci, LVMH and even Canada Goose halted operations in Russia which should give the oligarch’s pause. Other actions include the International Judo Federation yanking Putin’s membership and World Taekwondo taking away his black belt. The wax museum in Paris is also talking about replacing Putin for Zelenskyy. All these and more are updated daily on the Punish Putin page.

In other news:

“Today was unacceptable, but the season has been very acceptable. And I’ll tell you, the season isn’t over,” said Duke basketball’s legendary Coach K to the crowd gathered to wish him well at his last home game (which they unfortunately lost). Tickets to the game were going for Super Bowl prices.

The highest price for a collectible sports ticket was set when someone bid $468k for a ticket to Michael Jordon’s debut with the Chicago Bulls in 1984. The record was broken again later that afternoon with a $1.75 ticket stub from Jackie Robinson’s 1947 debut with the Brooklyn Dodgers sold for a $480K.

The average national hourly rate for a babysitter jumped 11% to over $20.57/hour with the going rate topping out at $23.45 for NYC.

Someone finally read the fine print and discovered that lawyers had cheekily hidden a chili recipe, Kevin’s chili, in Section 9 of the Peacock TV terms of service.

That flaming cargo ship loaded with over 4,000 Lamborghinis, Porsches, and Bentleys sank.

Netflix’s production of the third season of Lupin was briefly halted after thieves made off with over $300,000 worth of equipment. Lupin is a series about a master thief.

A Silicon Valley startup has deconstructed thousands of drinks to their molecular components and is taking orders for a machine that will serve drinks from it’s “molecular beverage printer.” Cana (get it, “i wanna cana…”) is due to ship in 2023.

In Colorado you can now pay your state taxes in crypto.

One archaeologist finally figured out how to work Stonehenge and another has determined that the material in King Tutankhamun’s Dagger came from outer space.

The leading Republican candidate for the 3rd congressional district in Texas withdrew after reports came out that he had an affair with a former jihadist who was once married to a commander for the Islamic State.

President Biden gave his State of the Union speech at the US Capitol on Tuesday. Counter-programming at the Stage of Freedom event near the Washington Monument was disappointing. Organizers of the much-hyped event were expecting a crowd of thousands including The People’s Convoy. 12 showed up.

The 2-mile long People’s Convoy rolling traffic jam, inspired by the anti-vaccination mandate truckers in Canada, arrived a few days late and are making their way slowly around on the Beltway to protest the vaccine mandates just as many state and local and state mandates are being rescinded.






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