The week that was

Remember that cargo ship that ran blocked the Suez Canal for a week? Maybe they need to give their captains some remedial training as Ever Given’s sister ship, the Ever Forward ran aground off the coast of Maryland.

San Francisco, taking a stance against laws limiting a woman’s access to abortion, LGBT discrimination, and voter suppression, limited business with any company headquartered in states that had such laws on the books. Now the city has backed itself into a corner and is prevented from doing business with much of the United States.

Mike Tyson is launching a line of cannabis-infused gummies. They’re called Mike’s Bites. What shape are they you say? The shape of an ear of course.

Tom Brady’s last touchdown pass football sold in an online auction for more than half a million dollars. Just a few hours later, Tom Brady announced he’s coming back for another season of football, immediately deflating the value of that football.

Hard to find any good news from the front this week except the boycott which seems to be having the desired effect. One Russian man chained himself to his local McDonald’s to prevent it from closing. “Closing down is an act of hostility against me and my fellow citizens!” shouted the man as police dragged him away. U.S. drugmaker AbbVie, makers of the cosmetic anti-wrinkle cream Botox, will no longer do business in Russia cutting off their most famous customer, Putin.

Also, a website set up for UK residents to register their interest in hosting Ukrainian refugees, crashed as over 100,000 families signed up.






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