The week that was

The FBI is using geo-targeted advertising to recruit disgruntled Russian diplomats at their embassy.

A funeral home in Arkansas is being sued after cremating a man who was hoping to be “raptured following the second coming.”

Stephen Wilhite, lead engineer on the team that created the GIF, died at the age of 74. Constantly fighting others on how his invention is pronounced (like the peanut butter), “he’s with jod say others.

The People’s Convoy is running out of funds. Apparently it costs money to drive a big trucks around in circles.

A North Carolina woman who is fond of her vanity license plate, FART, has created a new organization so she can claim that the word is an acronym, countering the DMV’s claim that FART is a banned word, not suitable for license plates. Since then, membership in the Friends of Asheville Recreational Trails group has, shall we say, exploded.

So many in the Russian army are abandoning their vehicles that the Ukrainian army has more tanks than when the war begun.

A Russian supply ship was promptly destroyed by Ukrainian forces after its position was given away by a Russian propaganda film.

The Finns have cornered the market on seized yachts owned by Russian oligarchs.

A man who is paralyzed with ALS and unable to communicate with the outside world underwent surgery to fit him with a brain implant so that he can spell out sentences one letter at a time. His first message? “I want a beer.”






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