Workers at a Staten Island Amazon fulfillment warehouse voted to unionize, a first for the company. Staff at more than 50 other Amazon warehouses have contacted the organizers to learn how they did it.

Amazon’s soon to be released internal employee chat application has apparently been configured to filter or flag messages that contain words such as “union,” “pay raise,” “living wage,” or “plantation.”

While replacing a boardwalk that was constructed to protect 100 million years-old dinosaur tracks, a backhoe rolled over and irrevocably damaged some of those very same dinosaur tracks.

Ukrainians that have had their Apple devices stolen by looting Russian troops are using the “Find my iPhone” feature to track Russian troop movements.

The novelist who wrote “How to Murder Your Husband” is now on trial for murdering her husband.

Sony is working on more detailed eye-tracking technology for its next-generation PlayStation VR headset. New sensors will track not only what you are looking at but also pupil diameter which can often be a proxy for fear or interest. Finally, the tech can also be used to let you wink at others in VR.

Another week, another stolen Bored Ape NFT.

A team of programmers, roboticists, art experts and psychologists have created a humanoid robot that uses AI algorithms to interrogate, select, decision-make and, ultimately, create a painting.

Another team of researchers spent two years developing an algorithm that creates images based on text descriptions. You can view images created on the Dall-E instagram account and play with a simple version of the technology here.

Someone threw a bunch of cannabis seeds in the New Zealand parliamentary rose garden. The marijuana plants were discovered by the gardeners and “many more will likely germinate for years to come.”

A UK professor published a paper in which he shares how mushrooms talk to each other.