People's Convoy v Eggs, the Bible-banning activist, and Snapchat's flying selfie-cam.

The People’s Convoy of mask-mandate-protesting-truckers made its way to the Bay Area where it ran into a hornet’s nest of opposition and was promptly repelled by a group of egg-pelting kids.

An activist, pointing out the insanity of Florida’s new law banning school books considered “inappropriate,” filed a request to ban the good book. “Banning books is never a good idea, but what’s fair is fair, and with that in mind, please find attached my request to ban the Bible”

A California man was arrested for making violent threats against the offices of Merriam-Webster over the dictionary’s definition of the word “female.”

A volunteer role-player was shot in the stomach during a police training exercise. “A live weapon was somehow brought into a training scenario,” said 1st Lt. Mike Shaw, Michigan State Police.

Looking to upgrade its selfie game, Snapchat started taking orders for a pocket-sized flying camera drone that can hover above its owner to take snapshots and land in the owner’s hand autonomously.