The week that was

A Florida man wrecked his $700,000 Heritage Edition Ford GT because he was “unfamiliar with how to drive stick shift.”

A four year-old boy was found, unscathed, wandering the streets of a Dutch town, barefoot and in pajamas, after taking his mom’s car for a joy ride. The toddler was given a cuddly bear and taken to a police station and given a mug of hot chocolate where he was reunited with his mother. The car was a stick shift.

A marble bust that a Texas woman bought for $35 from a Goodwill store was found to be a 2,000 year-old Roman bust that once belonged to King Ludwig I of Bavaria.

Israel’s Ben Gurion airport was quickly evacuated when an American tourist explained to security personnel that what they were picking up on the luggage x-ray machine was an unexploded shell that he was taking home as a souvenir.

In what can only be described as a case of karmic irony, a Nigerian scammer, responsible for stealing logins from over 28,000 victims over the past several years, recently infected his own computer with malware exposing his identity to authorities.

Ukrainian forces are exploiting what they call a “jack-in-the-box” design flaw in Russian tanks. With ammunition stored directly under the turret, a well-placed shot sets off all the shells like a string of Chinese firecrackers, blowing off the turret and killing all inside.

The Russian T-72 main battle tank’s ammunition sits in a carousel-style automatic loader directly beneath the main turret and members of the crew. (Washington Post)

Due to the on-going drought, grass is now outlawed in certain areas of Las Vegas in favor of more desert-friendly landscaping.

Researchers from the Fraunhofer Cluster of Excellence in Cognitive Internet Technologies (love that name) have invented screws that can automatically detect when they become loose and send out an alert.

A Virgin Airways flight bound for New York had to turn around and return to London after the crew learned that the First Officer had not yet completed his final flight test.

Over 500 kilos of cocaine were found smuggled in a shipment of coffee beans to a Nespresso factory.

The son of a New York judge, who stormed the capitol dressed as a caveman, was sentenced to eight months in prison.

Nebraska police, responding to a burglary in progress call, apprehended the perp causing all the noise. It was the family Roomba.






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