Contraband McMuffins, Ferraris without brakes and the world turns (ever faster).

Twitter, pushing back on Elon Musk’s way of calculating bots on the platform, demonstrated that his method would have identified his own Twitter account as a bot.

Salt Lake City police estimate a man did over $40k in damages after stealing an excavator, driving it a mile down the road, and digging up a parking lot.

An Australian man was fined almost $2,000 for an “undeclared biosecurity risk” when he was caught with a forgotten Egg & Sausage McMuffin and ham croissant from Thailand in the bottom of his backpack.

The pro-Trump clothing company, Lions Not Sheep, was accused by the Federal Trade Commission of replacing the “Made in China” tags in their clothing with “Made in USA” labels.

The satirists at The Onion predicted the future with this prescient nugget from 2017, Mar-A-Lago Assistant Manager Wondering If Anyone Coming To Collect Nuclear Briefcase From Lost And Found

Scientists determined the earth spun on its axis 1.59 milliseconds short of the 24-hour day last June. They are not certain what caused this but think it may be due to “glacial isostatic adjustment, or the movement of land due to melting glaciers.”

A beluga whale got lost and swam up the Seine River in France. Tragically the whale had to be euthanized after experiencing health complications during the rescue operation.

Ferrari announced that it is recalling almost every car made since 2005 for potentially faulty brakes.

Three people were struck dead by lightning near the White House. Speaking of long odds, the winner of that $1.3B Mega-Millions lottery has still not come forward.