The week that was

A Nevada woman filed paperwork to purchase one home and ended up the owner of 84 homes because of a copy/paste error at the local title company.

Adolescents across America rejoiced as NASA officially announced they are sending a probe to Uranus.

Conspiracy theories aside, a Microsoft researcher finally revealed why Janet Jackson’s ‘Rhythm Nation’ can crash your laptop.

The sport of professional Cornhole was up in arms (more than usual) due to “BagGate.”

Authorities in Tasmania are trying to locate a man who was last seen stealing coins from the moat surrounding the monkey enclosure at the zoo. Turns out he may have been exposed to a “potentially fatal” herpes virus.

A parentless Florida teenager who filed for an exception to the rule that requires written parental permission to have an abortion was denied because she was not “sufficiently mature.” But mature enough to be a parent?

A Saudi woman, home visiting from studying for her PhD at Leeds University in England, was hauled in for questions about her activity on Twitter and sentenced to 34-years behind bars for following anti-government activists and retweeting their tweets.

Investigators continue to uncover US federal Covid-relief fraud on a grand scale. Some highlights, 29 states paid unemployment benefits to the same person, a Postal Service employee got an $82,900 loan for a business called U.S. Postal Services, someone got 10 loans for 10 nonexistent bathroom-renovation businesses, using the email address of a burrito shop.

Jared Kushner published a book about his time in the White House but I think people had more fun reading the review.

Contrary to what your Journalism textbook says, Man does occasionally Bite Dog.

Capitol Records signed its first virtual talent, an AI-powered rapper named FN MEKA.

Both pilots of an Ethiopian Airlines passenger plane fell asleep on approach to an airport in Ethiopia, causing them to overfly the runway before an alarm from the autopilot woke them up.

Japan, facing tax revenue shortfalls due to record low alcohol sales, is asking its youth to come up with promotional ideas to encourage drinking. Sounds like a job for Bluto.






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