Donald Trump trading cards, the firehouse fire and a flash fish flood in Berlin.

The man who purchased Twitter for $44 billion to make it a platform for free speech, banned several journalists from said platform.

A man dressed like a Christmas tree slashed the tires of 21 vehicles belonging to a meat warehouse at a village in northwest Poland.

Police are investigating the suspected domestic terrorist attack which took out power in North Carolina. Meanwhile, authorities have located the culprit of a large scale power outage in Florida, an iguana.

Donald Trump licensed his name to an NFT trading card company which sold out a limited edition run and raised over $5 million. I’m not sure how long the website shilling the cards will be around but I recommend you experience it in all its over-the-top glory.

Construction workers working on the roof at the Virginia fire station knocked on the door of the station to tell fire fighters there their fire station, was on fire.

Timothy Ronoh, the official pacemaker for elite runners at the Abu Dhabi Marathon, found himself alone at the 35km mark so he pressed on and won the race.

A teenager is riding his unicycle from Maine to Key West (he’s now in North Carolina) to raise money for a bike path.

The largest freestanding cylindrical aquarium in the world, centerpiece of the Radisson Hotel in Berlin, burst in the early morning hours. The 10-story tank spilled 1 million liters of salt water and 1,500 tropical fish into the lobby, through the doors and into the street in front of the hotel.

Argentina beat France in penalty kicks and Messi finally hoisted the trophy after winning the World Cup final, as predicted by two giant pandas.