Russia deploys the circus to the front lines, bitcoin tulips and the bird site saves a penguin.

Congressman-elect George Santos of Long Island helped Republicans clinch a narrow majority in the House and was put forth as the “full embodiment of the American dream.” Turns out vast swaths of his resume were made up. His office issued an apology and closed with a quote attributed to Winston Churchill, which was incorrect.

Russia announced it will deploy musicians and singers to the front lines of the war to boost troops’ morale. The “front-line creative brigade” would also include circus performers.

Remember the original financial bubble? Coming full circle, a Dutch engineer is using the heat from cryptocurrency-mining rigs to warm his tulip warehouse. Sourcing power from solar panels, the project is actually carbon negative. Oh, and you can also buy tulips from him with bitcoin at Bitcoin Bloem.

Police broke into a gallery in London to help an ‘unconscious woman’ only to discover a £18,000 art installation. “The work is to provoke and it’s definitely achieving that,” said the galley shop owner.

Police in Kentucky responded to a call about “a male standing outside with a robe covering part of his body and exposing himself with a hose between his legs.” What they found was a Christmas lawn display depicting Cousin Eddie from “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.”

A Twitter mob did good for once and convinced the owners of Don Quixote, a Japanese discount chain, to save the cute, blue penguin mascot, Donpen, from getting replaced.