The top stories from 2022.

Another year gone by, how time flies! I’m now into year five of my weekly round-ups after kicking things off in 2017. Forgive me for my indulgences. As is tradition, the last post for the year highlights the top stories that readers collectively clicked on from each of the 51 TWTW posts from this year.

Everyone had to read this weird story about the Tyson Foods CFO who was arrested after being found asleep in stranger’s bed. That was in November. We read now that after coming clean but somehow escaping public intoxication and trespassing charges, he will remain CFO at his father’s company.

The second most-popular link was this video of an unexpected touchdown win. Watch carefully, the losing team learns that the game is not over until that final whistle blows.

Marjorie Taylor Greene mixing up Gestapo and Gazpacho was too precious for words. Then there was that time that W. Bush condemned Putin for invading Iraq.

Anyone who watched Top Gun knew this was total bullshit but let it slide anyway when the Air Force claimed ‘no intent by the pilots’ to draw sky penis near Russian base in Syria.

The Senate campaign in Pennsylvania was ugly and both candidates played all sorts of games but we all smiled when the Fetterman camp strategically called out his opponent Oz for being a Cowboys fan right outside the Linc.

Sarah Palin caused quite a stir when she visited NYC and refused to follow the mask mandate. After her visit, the Mayor’s asked all New Yorkers to get a COVID test if they were anywhere near Palin.

Early on in the year quite a few of you took interest in the little reported news of the first man who’s life was saved by a drone that dropped a defibrillator from the sky.

Hard to believe but indicative of the growing wealth gap in America, yep, there are more AirBnB listings that rentals in NYC.

If you didn’t read this story when it came out, you must read it now. The crazy story of how a women, fleeing an attacker, ran into a restaurant full of Power Rangers who jumped up to her rescue.