Adidas' Yeezy surplus, when NOT to call 911 and the walrus sleeps at night.

Local authorities in Scarborough, England, canceled their end-of-year fireworks display so as not to distress a walrus that had taken up residence in town.

Kevin McCarthy finally got his wish and was elected speaker of the House, after 14 failed ballots, in the early hours of Saturday morning. Here’s what he had to concede to get the required votes.

The Mega Millions lottery failed to find a winner so the jackpot rolled over to $1.1 billion, the third largest in history.

Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin woke up from a medically induced sedation after suffering a cardiac arrest on the field and asked, “Did we win?”

Adidas is scrambling to unload $530 million in unsold Yeezys following their cancelling of Ye’s contract after his anti-semitic pronouncements.

Rapper Antionne Brodnax, who used a photo of himself at the January 6th Capitol Riot for his latest album cover, was sentence to five months in prison for breaking into the U.S. Capitol.

A Colorado public library closed down for cleaning due to “higher than acceptable” levels of trace methamphetamine found in the air ducts. The source was determined to be from people smoking meth in the restrooms.

The PGA Tour invited the wrong Scott Stallings to the Masters.

Two people in Florida were arrested after one of them made a 911 call to get help moving items from a home they were burglarizing. They also wanted to get a ride to the airport to spend the weekend in New York. “Deputies DID help them with their belongings, and DID give them a ride, but it wasn’t to the airport … it was to the Polk Pokey,” said the sheriff’s office.