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  • Facebook takes away your thumbs

    Inside Facebook noticed that the thumbs up icon no longer on the Facebook mini-feed.  All in the name of simplification says Facebook but to me it seems like they’ve removed a sense of control over the feed I once thought I had. Curiously, the FAQ is still there.

  • Vitality – what’s next?

    Back when Facebook announced it’s News Feed (then called the “mini-feed”) which aggregated all your friends activity onto a single, easy to scan page, there was a firestorm of controversy. What upset people the most was that this feed, which consisted of updates that, up until that time, had been scattered across each of your […]

  • Closed Social Networks as a Gilded Cage

    There’s been a lot of talk about the limitations of closed social networks. Jason Kottke kicked it off when he described Facebook as a more updated version of the AOL walled garden and others such as Jeremiah Owyang and Robert Scoble calling it a black hole because all your data goes in but there’s no […]

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