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  • Kill the Paperboy

    Sometimes and idea gets floated that is so out of whack with current trends that you wonder if the author is just trolling for pageviews. Predicting the death of Google seems to be the latest parlor game and BusinessWeek columnist Jon Fine has the latest with his post, Putting the Screws to Google. What if […]

  • Original Content from Yahoo

    Last week I met one of the editors of Yahoo Sports and he gently reminded me that Kevin Sites and Richard Bangs are not the first instances of original reporting coming from Yahoo. Yahoo Sports has had it’s own exclusive analysts providing original coverage for several years and have blazed many of the trails faced […]

  • Remix as a Business Model

    My friend Alex has the coolest job. His company, Rock River Music (throw on the ‘phones, cool streaming music on their site), puts together compilations of music for retail stores. You know that CD you saw by the register at The Gap? That’s a collection of tracks selected, licensed, and packaged by Rock River. The LA Times […]

  • TimesSelect Annual Revenues Nearly $5M

    The New York Times announced that it has over 270,000 subscribers to it’s premium TimesSelect service. PaidContent does some back of the envelope calculations and calculates that they are pulling in $4,954,000 in annual revenue from this venture only 52 days after launch.

  • Infoworld on Blogs as lightweight content management

    InfoWorld surveys the corporate blogging landscape and sees them as a right-sized solution to basic content management. If you’re publishing a website, you’re managing content. Yet, if you go shopping around for a traditional content management solution, the enterprise software vendors will give you a six figure estimate with a healthy “services” chunk thrown in. […]

  • KRON TV blogger meetup

    On Saturday, I headed over to check out the KRON4 Blogger Meetup. I was not sure what to expect but who could turn down the offer of free food and interesting conversation? I think all of us there would agree that we would have liked to have more structure to the afternoon but KRON achieved […]

  • Laying Newspapers down to rest

    More from AlacraBlog, Steve Goldstein has a roundup of some of the latest stories pointing to the demise of the newspaper as we now know it. It may take longer than we think but the signs are all there to the eventual end of a business model that has worked for over 200 years. Craig […]

  • NYT puts their best behind a gate

    TimesSelect, a new package being launched by nytimes.com in September, will restrict access to some of the best known columnists to only those with a subscription key. For either $49.95/year or free with a home-delivery subscription to the print newspaper, readers will get an account to TimesSelect which will give them unfettered access to the […]

  • NY Times recommends blogs to build trust

    I find it interesting that the New York Times is recommending that blogs are one way to rebuild reader trust. See recommendation 1. III on the Siegal Committee report. Nytimes.com should conduct frequent Q&A forums with department heads and other senior editors and should set up mechanisms to give readers greater access to key source […]

  • nytimes.com surveys readers on $50/year subscription fee

    The Wall Street Journal Online reports and BusinessWeek blogs that the New York Times is surveying its readers on two subscription plans that would move them away from their current $2.95/article pricing structure. One plan would offer unlimited access to the past year’s articles for $49.99 and the second would limit access to 100 articles/month […]

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