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  • And in other news this weekend

    NBC pulls its content off of iTunes, thinks it can force Office fans to pay $4.99/episode from a site called Hulu. The gamble NBCU is making is that they can still make business decisions with their content that don’t include their customers. – Terry Heaton The talented ones will go first. Bad news for you, […]

  • Social News

    Social News

    The Social Media Club gathered at the KQED studios in San Francisco to discuss “social news aggregators.” It was a panel discussion so unfortunately there was not a lot of time for interaction with the audience but with Digg, Reddit, and Topix represented on the panel, there was plenty to learn. Pictured above, the panel […]

  • Andrew Keen as Linkbait?

    Unusually passionate post on the YPN Blog about Andrew Keen’s book, “The Cult of the Amateur,” which represents the latest backlash against the internet and social media in particular. Today’s internet is certainly changing our culture. But killing it? Hardly. In fact, I’d argue that the Gutenberg press, which ushered in a new era of […]

  • All Things Digital launches

    Walt Mossberg & Kara Swisher have joined up with my favorite headline writer, John Paczkowski from Good Morning Silicon Valley on a new site run by Dow Jones. All Things Digital is a place where Walt and Kara can stretch out a bit and write in a way that the column inches in The Wall […]

  • The Value of Editorial

    In this world of automated aggregation engines we can really appreciate the value of someone taking the time to pick through a selection of material, dust off what’s forgotten, and otherwise hold up to the light something to be celebrated. I listen to Salon.com’s Weekly Download podcasts and while I enjoy the selections, the adverb […]

  • Sun CEO thinks the internet provides broader distribution than traditional media

    The reaction to this will be interesting. This (sun.com) website is a tremendous vehicle for the broad delivery of timely and robust information about our company. It is our view that proprietary news outlets are insufficiently accessible to the broad majority of Internet users and individual shareholders. It is certainly the case that the Internet […]

  • digg vs.nytimes

    The share of page impressions for the NY Times was 19 times greater than for Digg. . . While Digg is certainly growing in popularity, particularly with the blogosphere set, and its move into more news categories is a good one, it is still an early-adopter site and will take some time to gain traction […]

  • When the world zigs, Gawker zags. Parsing Nick Denton

    Nick Denton announced that Gawker will be selling two sites from it’s fifteen site blog network. Sploid and Screenhead are both out having not made the cut. In Nick’s words, there are a number of reasons for this sudden change; 1. advertising is a fickle thing. . . Better to sober up now, before the […]

  • WSJ 3.0

    Advertising Age checks in with Gordon Crovitz, three months into his role as publisher of a unified online & print editions of Dow Jones’ Wall Street Journal franchise and describes Gordon’s thinking around how the paper edition will evolve. Given the digital era’s barrage of news from all sides and sources, the paper probably will […]

  • Containers as Commerce Packets

    The first newspapers came about back in the 1700’s to fulfill a need for importers and others with an interest in trade with the New World to keep track of the shipping schedules and see who was due into port that day. Tucked away in the business section of some papers you still see announcements […]

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