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  • Yahoo Olympic Coverage

    Those of you who follow sports on a regular basis probably already know this but if you’re like me and haven’t had the time to catch up on your TiVo backlog of Olympic coverage, Yahoo’s got a great micro-site which pulls it all together for you. Turin 2006 Winter Olympics on Yahoo! Sports has been […]

  • How to keep ’em coming back for more

    I just moved to a new desk and was going through some of my old files when I came across this gem of a quote. Jim Griffin, whose claim to fame was to convince Aerosmith to upload a track of their music back in 1994, talks to Wired about MP3s and why they are not […]

  • Watching the game while surfing the net, added value

    Slate’s got a column titled, Stealers, on how the refs handed the Steeler’s the Super Bowl victory and Joe Beulaurier over on the Unofficial Yahoo Blog writes about a snap poll on Yahoo Sports where you could make your voice heard right after the play.

  • But I still haven’t found what I’m looking for. . .

    I was hoping to just let the dust settle a bit before choosing to post but then I was reminded that my last post on weird Japanese exercise devices seems to be an odd welcome to anyone looking for a perspective on the latest hullabaloo from someone focused on social media projects at Yahoo. Early […]

  • Yahoo acquires WebJay

    Yahoo announced today that it has acquired the shared playlist service, WebJay. A one man operation that is the brainchild of Lucas Gonze who will be joining Yahoo and spreading the joy. In his own words: From the audio and video perspective, the meaning of playlists is that they’re the container format for the internet. […]

  • Yahoo Go

    There’s a site up today that walks you through Yahoo’s vision of service which connects you to your information regardless of the device you use, your PC desktop, your TV, or your cellphone. It’s called Yahoo Go. Russell Beattie’s got an updating list of media coverage links. 

  • Yahoo Hosts Movable Type for its Small Business Customers

    So I’m really happy to see the announcement. I knew this was in the works but, because I used to work at Six Apart, I stayed away from getting too involved in the details of this partnership. I’d write more but I’m in the middle of the Syndicate conference. I’d just like to say it’s […]

  • Yahoo & Del.icio.us

    Happy Friday! I’m really pleased to write that Yahoo closed an acquisition of the social bookmarking service del.icio.us. Congratulations to everyone involved in making this happen. Along with the earlier acquisitions of upcoming.org and flickr, Yahoo is well on it’s way to bringing the best of the new web to the masses. For more details […]

  • Yahoo Services on Tivo

    USA Today’s got the story, and Zatz Not Funny has screenshots. I’ll have to try this when I get home. People who create free accounts with Yahoo will be able to use its Yahoo Photos service. They can use their TVs to view photos that friends or family have put online. Also, Yahoo will provide […]

  • Yahoo integrates RSS into Mail client

    RSS reading is going to be integrated into the next version of Yahoo Mail which is out in limited beta (to get on the beta list, go to What’s New with Yahoo! Mail). John Furrier sat down to talk with Scott Gatz and Ethan Diamond of Yahoo who both played a big part in the […]

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