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  • Cool Things at Yahoo

    Theres so much activity at Yahoo that many projects or cool little features get lost in the shuffle or overlooked. A couple of engineers were lamenting the fact on an internal mailing list and wondering what could be done to get the word out about their favorite features. It didn’t take long for a couple […]

  • Video editing fun with Remixer

    Check out the latest out of Yahoo Research Labs. Save & edit your favorite clips from the SF International Film Festival, re-arrange, lay down a soundtrack and share. . . . developed in collaboration with Yahoo! Research Berkeley and the Institute for Next Generation Internet at San Francisco State University. Besides the online gallery, a […]

  • TechCrunch on Mapping Services – Yahoo “by far the best”

    Ok, a little shameless high-fiving all around for the folks behind Yahoo Maps. Here’s Frank Gruber on TechCrunch after comparing Ask, Google, Mapquest, Windows Live, and Yahoo: Its fast Flash interface, multipoint directions, live traffic information, and easy send-to-mobile feature make it the hands down winner. It also features the most robust API options. Check […]

  • Stump Tom Cruise

    So there was quite a bit of hoopla when Mr. Cruise flew into town on his P-51 to pay us a visit. We got to see exclusive clips of the upcoming Mission Impossible 3 and Terry Semel announced that there would be more collaborations with the actor in the future. Today, Yahoo Answers has an […]

  • Yahoo Local News Beta

    Yahoo News launched a new feature now in beta which uses your location data to pull in news from major sources in your region. The module is located on the news.yahoo.com page

  • Yahoo Application Gallery

    The Yahoo Developer Network just launched an Application Gallery. Similar to the Widgets Gallery, this site shows off the best applications built on top of the Yahoo APIs. There’s the opportunity to upload and submit your applications to the gallery and, once they are there, have them reviewed and showcased. This comes as frosting on […]

  • Checkmates – location-based Flickr friend finder

    I’m sharing a room with Chad Dickerson here at eTech and he was up until the wee hours last night and up again at the crack of dawn putting the finishing touches on a prototype called Checkmates. The application, which runs on your cellphone, uses a combination of APIs to show your location superimposed on […]

  • Netsquared Interview on Tagging

    Netsquared, an arm of the non-profit advisory site, Techsoup, just posted an email interview I did with them about tagging. At the end of the interview, I also listed up a few examples of how Yahoo applications can be stitched together and used by non-profits (and other small organizations) to organize and inform their community. […]

  • Cast Your Vote

    Yahoo 360 added a cool little voting widget today so I took the opportunity to set up a snap poll on what Tivo is announcing tomorrow. I thought Yahoo Answers was cool, I can see myself creating all sorts of mischief with this feature! If have a Yahoo ID, click through to my 360 blog […]

  • Yahoo Startup Kit

    I’m not going to post about this at length because Chad Dickerson pretty much sums up everything I wanted to say (although I do like Havi’s label of this as an early Valentine’s Day gift). Suffice to say, Yahoo has basically open-sourced all their UI designs so you no longer have to build widgets like […]

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