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  • flickr coloring contest

    flickr was down yesterday so they held a coloring contest.

  • Happy Friday – Good Reading

    I’ve been busy so have fallen behind on my reading. Scanning through some older posts in my reader I ran across these two excellent posts by some fellow Yahoo’s that make me proud to work here. Enjoy! Searching for what doesn’t exist – Bradley Horowitz talks about answers.yahoo.com. Existing search engines point you to the […]

  • Yahoo Hack Day

    Yahoo Hack Day

    A crash course in Product Management

  • New email format for Yahoo! Groups

    Yahoo Groups just announced that they will embed new links in HTML emails from subscribed groups. From the notice: Get one click access to your favorite group features. If your group updated any content, you can find out from the email. Message Archive Read and reply to group messages Photos Share photos from your photo […]

  • Yahoo Video adds sharing

    Last night Yahoo Video added uploading so you can share your videos with your friends and the world. Once you’ve uploaded a video, you can add tags, email or IM a link to your video as well as cut & paste code so you can embed the video into your website or blog. The video […]

  • Steve Westly does mashups

    California primary elections are coming up on June 6th and while doing some research I noticed that Steve Westly has an interactive bus tour that uses Yahoo maps to show his travel schedule and links to a flickr set as well. Cool!  

  • Map Directions on your iPod

    iPod Directions is a cool little app that takes your Yahoo Maps (remember, we support multipoint and right-click location) driving directions and puts them in your video or nano iPod. Note: I haven’t been able to get this to work with the Yahoo Maps Beta (I contacted the company several days ago but never heard […]

  • flickr goes gamma

    I have a confession to make. Although I’ve been using flickr for a good long time (I’ve posted over 500 photos since July 2004), it was only several months ago that I clued into the Recent Activity feature. I had mainly been using the site as a way to stream photos to friends and family […]

  • The New Yahoo!

    (large posters appeared overnight to promote the brand new yahoo.com home page) Lots of buzz around the new Yahoo homepage which was made available as a preview today. Most appreciated the interactive elements that let you check your email and local traffic conditions without leaving the page. The team packed in a lot of information […]

  • The New Yahoo Games

    While the big gaming show E3 is going on in Los Angeles, Yahoo Games has released an update to Yahoo Games including a shiny new version of Yahoo Chess.

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