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  • “We can’t control the puppets”

    “We can’t control the puppets”

    Yahoo Hack Day 2006

  • How to Create a Thumbnail Blogroll, a 20-minute hack

    Yahoo! had one of its internal hack days [1] today and while work kept me from devoting enough time to work on an effort on the scale of last time, an email at 9am this morning did give me the chance to show at least something at today’s show-n-tell. I’ve been thinking of picture-in-picture badges […]

  • Sea Serpents spotted off the Calfornia Coast!

    Well everyone was so excited about the hidden Yahoo yodel on the home page that I just had to tell you about the discovery of sea monsters three miles due West of the Golden Gate bridge. Thanks to Yahoo! Cool Thing of the Day for this one. Your daily dose of straight talk from your […]

  • flickr images in space and time

    I was going to hold off on the Yay! Yay! Yahoo! posts for awhile after such a long string of them but then flickr took it’s wraps off it’s maps integration and I couldn’t resist. If you haven’t had a chance to play around with this, check it out. From your flickr account you can […]

  • Open Yahoo Hack Day

    There is another Yahoo Hack Day for Yahoo staff coming up next month. Last time was a blast and our hack continues to live on with a recent mention in BusinessWeek. I fully intend to participate and am already thinking about a few ideas but am even more psyched that we’re opening things up to […]

  • Yahoo Publisher Network

    Serving the space between

  • I don’t know why but I just can’t stop

    Shhhhh! It’s a sekret! Go to www.yahoo.com (oooh & ahhh over the new design if you haven’t seen it), mouse over the "!" on the logo and click. Hours of fun. Really.   

  • Dressing up your avatar for the show

    It’s Friday so why not dress up your avatar for the weekend? Yahoo & Wal-Mart are sponsoring a fashion contest. Submit your avatar and the community votes on their favorite. Over 17,000 people have submitted their avatars so far so they’re plenty of inspiration for the fashion-challenged (like yours truely). The Yahoo! Avatar Fashion Show

  • What’s in a name? Introducing Yodel Anecdotal

    an·ec·dot·al (adj) : of, relating to, or being the depiction of a scene suggesting a story Last night Yahoo! took the wraps off of a new corporate blog. Taking the place of Search blog which stood in for a long time as Yahoo’s central voice in the middle of a galaxy of Yahoo-specific product blogs […]

  • answers.yahoo.com is a first person shoot ’em up

    Danny Sullivan takes a look at the growth of answers.yahoo.com and compares it to other successful social media properties.   If it were a computer game, Wikipedia would be a strategy game in which you take a long view to win a campaign or goal. Yahoo Answers is a first-person shoot-’em-up. Questions appear, and as […]

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