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  • Original Content from Yahoo

    Last week I met one of the editors of Yahoo Sports and he gently reminded me that Kevin Sites and Richard Bangs are not the first instances of original reporting coming from Yahoo. Yahoo Sports has had it’s own exclusive analysts providing original coverage for several years and have blazed many of the trails faced […]

  • Are we there yet?

    So if Microsoft and Yahoo are cross-linking their two IM networks and now AOL and Microsoft are set to announce a link up on Monday, does that mean that someone with Microsoft Messenger may be able to see both the AOL and Yahoo IM networks? We’ll have to wait for the conference call on Monday.

  • Shoposphere

    Just in time for Christmas, Social Networking comes to wish lists.

  • What’s going on at Yahoo?

    If you’re interested in reading up on what Yahoo! is thinking about, I encourage you to read these three pieces, A Journey to the Center of Yahoo, The New York Times The Flickrization of Yahoo!, Business 2.0 Intertaining Yourself, Forbes I know it’s a bit rah, rah about my employer but I hope, after reading […]

  • Yahoo to connect to TiVo

    Via the New York Times, Yahoo and TiVo announce that TiVo users will soon be able to access Yahoo information (Weather, Traffic) and Yahoo users will have shortcut to their TiVo from their personalized Yahoo television listings.. (I just checked and the link to add to your TiVo’s To Do recording list is already there!) […]

  • Put them in a box and keep ’em there.

    I really should go to bed as I’ve got an early commute tomorrow but I can’t stop playing with Think Tank. As a publicity stunt, Yahoo! Australia has put a few ad execs in a box and pointed a bunch of web cams at them as they scrum their way through ad campaign ideas for […]

  • Yahoo Maps Beta & Event Browser Mashup

    It’s out in the wild! I was floored when I first saw this and now I’m totally psyched to announce that Yahoo Maps is in beta with a spanking new interface. Be sure to check out the multi-point driving directions (useful when you’re picking up friends on the way to the mountains) and integration with […]

  • The first week

    The first week

    One week at Yahoo and what a week it’s been! Monday was employee orientation – got myself badged up and they handed me my laptop. They have this new employee thing down to a science. We had over 80 people in the room and the HR person said they bring in about 50 new people […]

  • Exit Stage Left, Fade to Yellow and Purple

    Exit Stage Left, Fade to Yellow and Purple

    Friday was my last day at Six Apart. On the 26th, I’ll be driving down to Sunnyvale for the first day of work at Yahoo (they even sent me a t-shirt & hat just to remind me!). Turn another page. It’s been 13 months since I pulled the ripcord at Factiva and moved out to […]

  • The Two Cultures

    Remember CP Snow’s book, The Two Cultures? CNet staff writer Stephanie Olsen compares Yahoo & Google and  makes a bet that Yahoo’s corporate culture is better suited for the long haul.

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