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  • The New News at Yahoo

    Richard MacManus of Web 2.0 has some initial thoughts on the redesign of Yahoo News. More branding for the content providers, clever uses of collapsing menus so that it’s easier to flick between categories and top headlines from different sources, and a new "drill down" feature which lets you run a Y!Q search on words […]

  • Yahoo Generates Buzz

    The folks over at Yahoo Research have teamed up with O’Reilly and Newsfutures to run a simulated stock market, Buzz Game, where players can buy and sell companies, technologies, and other memes on an open market. You get a virtual $10k to start and the players with the most in their portfolio by the end […]

  • Yahoo to buy Flickr

    In other news this weekend, Yahoo has confirmed that it has purchased online photo collaboration and folksononomy pioneer, Flickr. Major cred points for the folks in Purple and Yellow. Write ups from Jeremey Zawodny at Yahoo and Caterina at Flickr. It’s now really getting interesting!

  • Yahoo API plugin for Movable Type

    It was only a matter of time. Ken McCloskey over at Pixelabra has developed a plug-in to allow you to search Yahoo! using their new API from within Movable Type.

  • Yahoo Search API

    Just in time for it’s 10 year anniversary, Yahoo opened up API access to its search platform.  Allowing programmatic access to search services via URLs is a trail that Google has already blazed but in what maybe another arms race as we saw with hosted email storage, Yahoo allows five times the number of queries; […]

  • Google Hubris?

    I just uninstalled Google Desktop Search which has been running alongside Yahoo Desktop Search for the past few months. Not only did Yahoo have a better preview feature of hits, Google’s tool was, strangely enough, too integrated into the browser. I prefer to jump into "Search archives & files mode" as a separate activity from […]

  • Yahoo cuts to the chase

    We’ve seen it played out over and over again. The internet has enabled consumers to go directly to the production plant for disintermediated product. Covered in detail in Michael Lewis’ book, Next, the internet has upset age old business models, putting raw materials within reach of the everyman and providing a platform for a thousand […]

  • Taquitos.net

    No lie here, click the screen shot on the left – the 12th most popular RSS feed on My Yahoo is Taquitos.net Let’s see, Techbargins.com. . . check, CNET News.com, ok, that seems right. Wired News, yes, I’ll take that. Braingle brain teasers – yep that might be fun . . . and – Taquitos.net? […]

  • Yahoo Desktop Search

    Yahoo! throws down a card in the ever escalating search wars. Based on X1, the Yahoo engine will not only index content on your hard drive but, according to John Battelle’s information, will also  reach out and find relevant information in and among the Yahoo properties. Look for release early next year.

  • Gary interviews Gary

    I’m on a plane to Tokyo for a week of time with the family but wanted to post links to a conversation between Gary Price and Gary Flake, Principal Scientist & Head of Yahoo! Research Labs so that I can read it later. Part One Part Two Part Three

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