Panel Discussion on Activity Streams

A panel discussion at GSP West with myself, Bret Taylor (FriendFeed), Kevin Marks (Google) and David Recordon (Six Apart) on the rollout of shared activity streams as part of the latest revolution in social network. Moderating was Sean Ammirati of ReadWriteWeb.






5 responses to “Panel Discussion on Activity Streams”

  1. atul Avatar

    video does not seem to be loading…

  2. Ben Tremblay Avatar

    Where’s the beef? 😉
    The video shows up fine in your 4MAR “Graphing Social Patterns talk on MyBlogLog API” but not here.
    Is it just me? (FF2.0.0.12)

  3. ian Avatar

    Sorry about that! Fixed it now.

  4. Ben Tremblay Avatar

    Yaaa, sorry you should be. No excuse for making a mistake now and then. *snort*


    p.s. you must be a “Mother of All Wikis” fan? see *giggle* Cojones, naming it that.
    I’ll send you an invite … won’t hurt my cred a bit, that.

  5. ian Avatar

    I’d be honored.

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