Fishy math and the end of an unlimited meal ticket.

Six Flags got rid of its unlimited dining pass after an electrical engineer got famous for wringing the most out of his $150/year pass, eating all his meals at Six Flags, for the past seven years.

An NFT collector mixed up cryptocurrencies and accepted a shockingly low bid for his prized “Bored Ape” which he let go for $115. Bored Apes normally go for north of $350,000.

Scientists at the University of Bonn are teaching basic math, to fish.

Other scientists are using CRISPER gene editing techniques to breed a hypoallergenic cat.

The Human Genome Project has finished up its work mapping the “bucketloads of DNA crammed inside our cells” in all its “”beguiling beauty and sheer complexity.”

The first private mission into space is set to launch next week. Axiom Space will take a crew of four on a 10-day mission to the International Space Station.

Russia announced it will suspend International Space Station cooperation until international sanctions are lifted.

The sanctions are starting to bite. By some calculations, Russia is running out of digital storage space.

The Russian military is unable to find spare parts for some of their more sophisticated weapons systems because those parts are made in factories that they’ve bombed, by people they’ve turned into refugees.