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  • Texting for Tickets

    Richard MacManus is posting a three part series on SmartCards from around the world on ReadWriteWeb. London’s Oyster Card (10 million in circulation) Tokyo’s Suica Card (28 million in circulation) Hong Kong’s Octopus Card (19 million in circulation) While each of these metropolitan pass cards have made life easier for those that use them, as […]

  • Find My iPhone Fable

    Great story of how Kevin Miller tracked down his stolen iPhone using Mobile Me’s Find my iPhone app. While Kevin’s friend walked the streets of Chicago with a broadband modem-enabled laptop, they homed in on the actual person who had taken their phone and confronted them. “Have you got it?” I asked as I marched […]

  • Delivr your links to the mobile web in style

    A common problem with the mobile web is that pages are not optimized for the mobile browser. Browsers are getting better but sidebar widgets and other social networking cruft often get in the way of viewing sites efficiently on a small screen over a wireless connection. Enter Delivr. Combining both a URL shortening service and […]

  • Mobile Social Networking “up for grabs” in the United States

    Jason Calcanis has a great post on 10 things the new MySpace CEO should do. All of them are good (buy a search engine, add casual games, virtual currency) but I particularly liked his comment about the wide open space for a successful mobile social network here in the US. Japan is leading the way, […]

  • Leapfrog making a toy Blackberry

    I am not sure what to make of this. I’m all for making toys realistic and all but working at Nokia, we’re all about trying to make mobile mobile devices more playful and fun. So it’s weird to see a Leapfrog making a toy phone more, um, business-like.

  • Is this the new Obama phone?

    CNN wonders if the Barak Obama’s new phone is the Sectéra® Edge™ (love the multiple super-scripts in the product name!) by General Dynamics. Features include a “classified key” that you flip when you want to jump on the Top Sekret network for calls, email, or browsing. Click on the image above and check out the […]

  • Finger Piano, a social mobile app

    Featured at last week’s Japanese iPhone Developer’s reception hosted by Six Apart I saw Finger Piano, a cool little app that allowed you to play the piano on your phone. As the bars move down towards the keys, you press them to carry the tune. The thing I like about this video? The fact that […]

  • Do You Watchphone?

    According to the Register, LG Electronics is gearing up to offer a wristwatch phone at CES next week. There are two ways to look at this announcement and I’d be really interested to hear what people think. 1. This is the first announcement of a new form factor for phones. What looks clunky today will […]

  • Japan’s Super Phones

    I had a chance to visit the KDDI Design Center in Harajuku right at the base of Takeshita-dori (well worth a visit if you get a chance) as well as a few electronics stores to see what’s on offer from the major operators. Here’s some of the highlights of what I saw. The obligatory 8.1 […]

  • Software for the Nokia E71

    Old post recommending software for an old Nokia phone that was once best in its class.

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