Month: July 2022

  • The week that was

    The week that was

    Choco Taco fever, spider robots, and marauding monkeys

  • Playing the game

    Ko Yamaguchi is causing such a sensation in the Japanese High School Baseball tournament that even the Major League Baseball blog has a post about him. This savant from Japan is taking switch-hitting to a new extreme. He switches which side he hits after EACH pitch. Literally every pitch! Though perhaps we should put “hits” […]

  • The week that was

    The week that was

    Nap boxes, killer chess robots, and Freya the lazy walrus.

  • Josh Hawley Running

    One of the highlights, comic relief actually, from last night’s House Select Committee on the January 6 Attack hearing was when they showed a sequence of images showing a defiant Missouri senator Josh Hawley before the insurrection and a video clip of him running after as the senator fled from the mob he helped incite. […]

  • The week that was

    The week that was

    Only one week in use and already, a rock has hit the Webb space telescope. Chevrolet got into the NFT game and put a limited edition token up for auction to drum up excitement for their latest model Corvette. Only problem? Zero bids. Curators at the Cincinnati Art Museum discovered that an unassuming bronze disc in the […]

  • How to find your Google Analytics G4 tracking script

    I don’t know why Google makes it so difficult to find the tracking script in the new G4 analytics. I guess it’s to keep consultants busy but if you’re scratching your head and trying to figure out where to find this analytics script in GA’s new setup, you’ve come to the right place. Login to […]

  • Fun with GPT-3

    Fun with GPT-3

    My conversation with an algorithm.

  • Izumi got a haircut!

    Where to you go when you want to get a super-short haircut after wearing it long for many years? You go to the person that has been perfecting the “pixie” haircut since the New Wave era, the guy with photos of Audrey Hepburn on the wall, the guy who owns the domain for Google […]

  • The week that was

    The week that was

    Sand batteries, Kanye’s foam car and Amazon figures out how to revive your dead relatives.

  • Photographing Fireworks

    For the past two years I’ve had the good fortune to live right next to the largest fireworks event in North America, the Macy’s July Fourth fireworks “Spectacular” on the East River between Manhattan and Queens. Last year I walked out on to the FDR highway which was blocked off to traffic both North and […]

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