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  • Raw vs. Polished

    Eric Berlin writes about the differences between Friendfeed and TechMeme. Therefore, perhaps we can say that Techmeme aggregates what’s important about tech and Internet news and easily provides links to surrounding conversations. It’s really a new kind of online newspaper, and a pretty terrific one. And Friendfeed is an aggregator of lots of stuff, of […]

  • Cognitive Surplus will free up time to

    One of the best talks at this year’s Web 2.0 Expo was Clay Shirky on Cognitive Surplus. In it he suggests that modern television is a, “cognitive heat sink, dissipating thinking that might otherwise have built up and caused society to overheat.” He concludes after describing how a child spent a few minutes looking for the mouse connected […]

  • Over-clocking your friendships

    A common complaint overheard at the recent Graphing Social Patterns, ETech, and South By Southwest conferences has been that increased friend invites on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter has devalued the word friend. Today, this condition is unique to the the early-adopter, hyper-connected crowd at tech conferences but as social networks replace our […]

  • Mary Meeker Tidbits from Web 2.0 Summit

    I always enjoy Morgan Stanley analyst, Mary Meeker’s view into the internet industry. Her presentations are chock full of facts and figures and it’s the closest thing to a Harper’s Index for the Internet that we have. Here are some highlights from her list: 91% of mobile users keep phone within 1 meter reach 24×7 […]

  • The Web as a loose federation of contractors

    Matt McAllister has a great post about the dangers of taking taking the label of Web OS too literally. He writes that an operating system is about “command and control” while the loose collection of services that make up the internet is more like the network of vendors that a contractor might call in to […]

  • Closed Social Networks as a Gilded Cage

    There’s been a lot of talk about the limitations of closed social networks. Jason Kottke kicked it off when he described Facebook as a more updated version of the AOL walled garden and others such as Jeremiah Owyang and Robert Scoble calling it a black hole because all your data goes in but there’s no […]

  • What will Web 2.0 do for my neighbor Ron?

    One of the coolest things I brought back from the recent Web 2.0 Expo was this t-shirt that said “Web 2.0 is – – – ” with a big blank box for you to write in the definition of your choice. People at the show got into the spirit of the occasion and used Sharpies […]

  • Digg 3.0 – stats and cool visualization

    I missed the Digg 3.0 launch party earlier this week where they previewed a cool new visualization tool that will be launching later this month. I was alerted to it because of the Diggnation podcast and am thankful to the infosthetics.com site for pointing me to a video which shows this new visualization. More details […]

  • Ergo Sum in the Digital Age

    Steve Rubel calls it Picture-in-a-Picture marketing, Fergus calls it widget marketing. As the traditional walled garden web blows apart, more and more small, loosely joined pieces are made available to re-configure themselves into new combinations. Call it mashups for the rest of us – your blog or MySpace profile is a platform where you mix […]

  • Masher Defined

    Hi Matt. I was going to post a comment on your post but your blog provider seems to be down for maintenance so I can’t seem to open up an account on their system so I’ll post on my blog and trackback to you. You might want to step away from using the term “masher” […]