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  • RSS is the TCP/IP Packet of Web 2.0

    Reading through Richard MacManus’ excellent recap of coverage of Microsoft’s live.com launch event I followed the link to Nivi’s comment on CrunchNotes that "live" spelled backwards is "evil" therefore if Google is not “evil” that means that Google = Microsoft. (clever!) This lead me to Nivi’s post about how new services out there which generate […]

  • Belated Review of Web 2.0

    I’m a bit slow out the gate with this post and I expect you all to take whatever I say with a big ol’ grain of salt because of my new position with Yahoo. Truth is, there’s lots going on both here at Yahoo and the industry at large. Let’s take a quick rundown over […]

  • Web 2.0 Acid Test

    On the eve of the second annual Web 2.0 conference, Tim O’Reilly posts a longish analysis that tries to get to the bottom of this slippery label, “Web 2.0.” Ever more important because more and more marketing departments are slapping this label onto their products because it’s hip and bleeding edge, O’Reilly’s piece is seminal […]

  • Tim O’Reilly Web 2.0 Meme Map

    Tim O’Reilly Web 2.0 Meme Map

    For those who want it in pictures, Tim O’Reilly’s posted a map of all the memes that make up Web 2.0. Alex Barnett goes one step further and annotates it with links.

  • RSS feeds for Salesforce

    You gotta love it. Ex-Newsgator developer, Charlie Wood has attached RSS feeds to salesforce.com. If you have a salesforce.com subscription, you can now subscribe to a feed of your Open Opportunities or Open Escalations. This has been out since July and is now in 2.0 – I’m only now caught wind of it. On their […]

  • Round Up of Round Ups

    It’s that time again. Both Kottke and MacManus post lengthy on the inevitable coming together of web services into a unified Web OS. The state of web 2.0. GoogleOS? YahooOS? MozillaOS? WebOS? – Jason KottkeWeb as Platform Mash-Ups – Richard MacManus

  • Plain English Description of Web 2.0

    I’ve been writing about this new world of mix-and-match web services for some time now so it’s great to see the concept begin to be written up by the popular press. The next step is to boil down these API transactions to the lowest common denominator of the web, the hyperlink. The average person can […]

  • Charlie Wood, RSS as the Information Bus

    I wonder how many out there have, upon reading Steve Jobs’ recent commencement address, have reconfigured their life to pursue their dreams. First Richard MacManus cited Jobs’ speech as inspiration. Now, Charlie Wood, VP of Enterprise Solutions of Newsgator, has left his job to start a new venture. Spanning Partners will offer RSS integration services […]

  • Father of Web 2.0 planning on move to SF. Bringing wife and kids too.

    Richard MacManus, widely hailed as the Father of Web 2.0 is pulling up stakes in New Zealand and coming to San Francisco. First to attend the conference named after him (wink to John Battelle), then to look for work that will allow him to live here year ’round and participate firsthand in all this wonderful […]

  • Technorati Amplifies the Conversation at Salon

    Technorati has integrated itself into Salon.com with a new feature which lists the most blogged stories of the site. In addition, they list links at the bottom of each story so that you can follow the conversation out of Salon and trace the thread into other blogs that have linked to the Salon piece. Richard […]