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  • Seth Goldstein on discovering something you didn’t even know you were looking for

    In part three of his five part piece on Media Futures, Majestic Research co-founder and former Entrepreneur in Residence at Flatiron Partners, Seth Goldstein comments on the development of the Web API. As of 2005, the Internet has replaced the desktop PC as the primary platform for APIs. Unlike Microsoft and the desktop, however, nobody […]

  • Real Estate as an API

    This is a great case when two APIs get hooked up to make something greater than what each service could offer on its own. Paul Rademach, a tech lead for animation tools at Dreamworks, has connected Google Maps to Craigslist to present a visual UI for real estate listings. You can set your location and […]

  • code or developer, chicken or egg?

    Found this by browsing the popular links page on de.licio.us. Google has countered Yahoo’s Search API page with a revamp of their own API page. Links out to sample APIs, documentation, and even a blog. One major difference is that they are also posting links to projects that they have released as open source. The […]

  • Yahoo Search API

    Just in time for it’s 10 year anniversary, Yahoo opened up API access to its search platform.  Allowing programmatic access to search services via URLs is a trail that Google has already blazed but in what maybe another arms race as we saw with hosted email storage, Yahoo allows five times the number of queries; […]

  • Tim O’Reilly on Web 2.0

    Richard of  Read/Write Web interviews Tim O’Reilly on the idea of Web 2.0 which, since the conference, has become the codeword for the web as a platform meme. Here’s Tim on RSS: I mean it’s the classic example of Clayton Christensen’s innovator’s dilemma. When HTML came out everybody said “Hey this is so crude, you can’t […]

  • Using Web 2.0 for an instant storefront

    Richard Soderberg writes on a quick and easy way to tie together a number of web services to build an e-commerce site. Using Blogger, get a blog (and configure it to use your FTP server, if so desired). Using Picasa, create a new Hello account and configure it for the blog. Using PayPal, get a […]

  • Web 2.0

    Web 2.0

    I realize I’m getting liberal with the “Milestone” tag but it truly seems as if we are living in historic times. I just got off of an amazing three days in San Francisco where I saw history being made all around me at Web 2.0 in San Francisco. Maybe I’m still new to this industry […]

  • Web as Platform

    In the initial post that kicked off this blog, I said that I would focus on how the promise of the ASP/Web Services vision is being realized with the connection of various web-based APIs into a new type of platform which lives on the internet. One way to experience the power of this vision is […]