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  • What I learned at ad:tech

    What a difference a year makes! Last year is seemed as if blogs were only given a polite nod and tolerated as something vaguely intersting but mostly for the geek fringe. The majority of the attention was given over to the SEO black arts. This year blogs are a given while the social media darlings […]

  • Video Advertising – two approaches

    Apple announced today that it will run graphical ads in the lower-left hand corner of the iTunes product as users listen to podcasts on their PC. Advertising Age goes on to write that this will help offset the costs of producing and hosting podcasts. Everyone will be looking at this closely. In other news, I’ve […]

  • Just call me Ambassador

    Back in December I got an email from Sprint asking if I’d like to try out a new phone and service that they are rolling out in North America. Half thinking it might be a way to get me to switch providers (I use Verizon), I read through the fine print looking for a catch. […]

  • Creating a fake invite for a fictitious event

    After a mocked up invite to a "secret" Apple press event was found out to be false, the brilliant minds over at The Unofficial Apple Weblog dreamed up a contest with their readers to submit the best design concepts as comments to their blog. Apple fans are diehard rumor mongers who also have the best […]

  • Put them in a box and keep ’em there.

    I really should go to bed as I’ve got an early commute tomorrow but I can’t stop playing with Think Tank. As a publicity stunt, Yahoo! Australia has put a few ad execs in a box and pointed a bunch of web cams at them as they scrum their way through ad campaign ideas for […]

  • Spam Blogs and Financial Incentive

    Technorati’s Niall Kennedy posts about the recent spate of spam blogs coming out of Google’s Blogger service and describes Google’s Blogger and Adsense service as parts of a spam suite. BoingBoing first posted Niall’s theory that CAPTCHA’s are no longer a valid block and are circumvented by spammers who redirect the test to eager seekers […]

  • Search Engine Strategies

    I’m off to San Jose tomorrow morning for the Search Engine Strategies show to cruise the floor, meet up with folks, and see what’s up in the world of Search Engine Optimization. While on the topic of internet marketing, I thought I’d point out a particularly clever bit of interactive marketing. Instead of floating obnoxiously […]

  • “Blogging” as a hook

    Airbag notes that Gateway is now using “blogging” as reason to buy a new computer. Amazing how in less than five years blogging has replaced gaming, video editing, and homework as the criteria of choice for purchasing a computer. Put another tick on the checklist of what it takes to go mainstream. What’s next?

  • The Fine Art of Search Engine Marketing

    I dropped by the recent OMMA (Online Media, Marketing and Advertising) conference here in San Francisco and got a healthy education on some of the finer points of search engine marketing. What was most startling to me was the finding by one of the panel members (it might have been Geoff Ramsey of eMarketer, he […]

  • Online Media Meet Market

    Most writers view advertising as a necessary evil. Working for a weblog software company which makes the tools that many writers are using, I’m always on the lookout for an interactive agency that "gets it" and can provide a bridge for the considerable financial resources of its clients to make its way to my customers’ […]