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  • Mary Meeker on Online Advertising

    Yesterday I visited the Ad-Tech show here in San Francisco to catch the last 20 minutes of Mary Meeker’s keynote and visit the exhibition hall. Let me first say that Mary’s presentation was fascinating but left me winded. We blew past 50 slides dense with stats and tidbits that raised an eyebrow when I first […]

  • Insider Pages – open source advertising

    Bill Gross’ Idealab launches Insider Pages which takes a shot at local listings, combines it with a recommendation engine and adds a touch of social networking. Damn, that was my idea. Where did I put that napkin anyway? If I were the Yellow Pages I would be worried. Very worried. They even use the Yellow […]

  • Contextual Advertising & Unintended Consequences

    The screenshot (click on image to view full screen) was taken from an entry in my feed reader the other day. I can’t imagine that the text of this sponsored link was intentional but it certainly speaks to the the editorial point being made in the article above it. Original post here but the contextual […]

  • Annoying Message from the Sponsor

    Don’t you hate those corny flash movies that dance around in front of you like a spastic chicken keeping you from getting to where you want to go? Happy Friday y’all!

  • That’s one way to get your company’s name out there. . .

    The advertising world is buzzing with godaddy.com’s debut on the television advertising scene with their parody of the Janet Jackson wardrobe mishap from last year. Forrester’s Advertising analyst Jim Nail gives it the “Load the Cannon with Gerbils” award: This ad confirms it: the dotcom bubble is back. An unknown internet company selling a service […]

  • Higher Relevance = Lower Ad Sales

    Kind of obvious when you think about it but if the industry were to continue down the path of developing the perfect search engine that could find you exactly what you were looking for, would you even bother clicking on a context sensitive advertisement?

  • Battelle on “Sell Side Advertising”

    I missed this the first time around but John Battelle’s description of how Overture and Ad Sense have flipped the old publisher-advertiser business relationship around makes sense. He polishes the idea a bit further in the latest issue of the MIT Technology Review: Imagine that we start with the idea of PPC—that advertisers pay publishers […]

  • FCC and Doraemon

    This is old news but Terrie Lloyd, who’s always good a picking up tidbits for his excellent email newsletter “Terrie’s Take” highlights the striking resemblence of the new FCC mascot, “Broadband” to Doraemon, the cartoon every Japanese kid knows by sight. Turns out the publisher of Doaemon, Shougakkan, is going to take legal action but […]

  • BusinessWeek on Blogs

    Commenting on the nascent growth of ad supported weblogs, BusinessWeek says that Madison Ave. is beginning to notice: Don’t expect a repeat of the dot-com rush that inflated the Web bubble of the late 1990s. "This is a long game, with lots of ebbs and flows," says Henry Copeland, founder of media-buying firm BlogAds. Blogging […]

  • Marqui’s “Blogosphere Program”

    Internetnews.com writes that Marqui is paying bloggers ($800/month) to mention their product: We put no limits on what these paid bloggers can say about Marqui; we only require a badge on their site, a weekly mention of our product and a URL link in the body of their blog.  For their own integrity factor, if they want some […]